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Do you feel like your button pressing skills are lacking? Can't quite hit the 'K' key on the keyboard? Keep confusing the left bumper with the right bumper on the Xbox controller? Barely even aware of the keypad? Look no further, QTE FUN! :) will solve all of your problems by training you to become THE MASTER OF ALL KEYS!

Choose your input method of choice, select your difficulty, determine your rounds, and enter the most intense training your fingers have ever experienced since downloading the game! Before you know it, you will have become THE MASTER OF ALL KEYS, and will posses all of the accompanying skills and responsibilities that this entails!

Don't wait any longer--your destiny calls to you!

(This is a quick little game I made in a week to get comfortable working in C#. It's super basic, but surprisingly handy for sharpening your button pressing skills!)

Install instructions

Standard Unity fare--The data folder must remain with the .exe for the game to run! For smooth sailing, keep the files together in the folder you downloaded them in, and simply double click on the .exe to play!


QTE_FUN.zip 12 MB

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