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Our submission for Ludum Dare 36: Ancient Technology!

Take on the role of Archimedes and protect Syracuse from the incoming invasion using your newest invention; The DEATH RAY! Those Romans wont have a chance now that you're harnessing the power of the SUN. Move over moon, there's a new celestial orb in town!

Control your DEATH RAY by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Destroyed ships will create obstacles that the other incoming ships must avoid. Your beam has a decent reach, but it's much more powerful when the ships are closer by.


(This was our first Ludum Dare--It was a lot of fun!)

Install instructions

Unzip the folder, double click on the .exe. If you opt to remove the contents from the folder, please ensure that the data file remains with the exe!


LudumDare36-EveryDayIsASunDay.zip 33 MB

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